I am proud to state that I have been trained by Equissage to be able to offer a unique service, providing therapy for your equine using



                                Designed for every horse in every discipline 

Providing cycloid (three way) vibration therapy, Equissage will enhance & work through your horse’s entire body 

Muscular (deep & superficial)

Soft tissue

Skeletal & Joints

Internal Organs

Lymphatic Drainage

Improved Blood Circulation

Aids & Speeds up the Healing Process after Injury

Reduce Inflammation & Swelling






Plus many other benefits!

First Photo Row: Horse Before Niagara Equissage Red Treatment. Blue/Green indicates areas of poor circulation.
Second Photo Row: 5 Minutes After Niagara Equissage Red Treatment. Yellow/Red indicates improved circulation.
Third Photo Row: 5 Hours After Niagara Equissage Red Treatment. Shows continued improved circulation. 

Details of the system


Simple and very safe to use, the Back Pad is designed to give general relief and benefit the skeletal, muscular, circulatory and lymphatic systems. With twin batteries, the Back Pad is perfectly balanced to give a powerful massage and has extended running time. The dual plug connections offer options for dual Leg Boot and Hand Unit usage. Placed in the saddle position, the Back Pad is ideal for warming up the horse and particularly for warming down, which will relax the horse and help reduce the build up of lactic acid and stiffening of muscles and joints. 



Horses have 25 main nerve and acupressure points that can become blocked. The can lead to many common muscular problems, including shortened strides, head and neck discomfort, as well as hip and shoulder lameness. All of which lead to loss of performance. The Hand Unit is designed to give deep cycloidal vibration massage directly to these nerve areas, to relieve the symptoms and rapidly improve your horse’s condition. The Hand Unit massage is also beneficial for bleeding and breathing problems



The Leg Boot is the most effective way to treat the majority of leg and foot problems. These problems include pulled ligaments and tendons, swelling or inflammation, circulatory disorders, arthritic conditions, sore shins, and capped hocks.
The Leg Boot with the Hand Unit will create a very deep and gentle circulatory massage to the hole leg. This is turn will increase local blood supply and lymphatic drainage, and help improve joint mobility

Improve performance

Equissage dramatically improves blood circulation, removes toxins, stimulates soft tissue & improves joint mobility – achieving optimal performance results
Clinical trials in the UK produced significant increased stride length in just two weeks

Maintain condition

Equissage is a powerful therapeutic tool that can be used daily to maintain a horse in peek condition. Regular use improves muscle tone & helps with lymphatic drainage & general health

Speed up rehabilitation

Equissage has a long history of outstanding results in speeding up the natural healing process of soft tissue injuries. Faster & stronger recovery can be achieved

Perfect for every discipline

Equissage is used by top competitors to increase performance maintain condition & speed up healing injuries
Scientific research & trials have been completed & showed the system continued to improve circulation alone 5 hours after the treatment & length of stride was increased in just two weeks. Stride was increased by an average of 13%, improved trot speed by an average 21% & increased hock angles by an average of 9%

Equissage is safe

Equissage is safe & easy to use, it is natural & non-aggressive & non-invasive treatment.


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