About me!

We all like to be nosey about others ; what have they done & who they really are, so here is a little insight into who I am:

With 30 years experience with horses; as most would say, "I was born in the saddle!" As a baby my mum took me for a ride on her ex-racehorse... that's where my passion started!

Growing up I have been incredibly lucky having my own ponies & then my own horses; every little girl's dream.

My mum took every available opportunity to sit me on any horse; from the age of 9 I was breaking & training young horses!

I have grown within the industry, gaining qualifications & experience combined with my mum's expert equine knowledge, guidance & support, following her footsteps of these equine beauties.

Having recently judged dressage for the Pony Club, I was very pleased to receive the feedback from the District Commisioner, 

"A Breath of Fresh Air'"

I always maintain & uphold a caring  & understanding approach to all aspects of equestrian nature!

Whether working with the horse or the rider, I always to keep it fresh, enthusiastic & FUN!

I provide free use of our indoor arena,  (A god send with our unpredictable weather) located in Rossendale, on a small & friendly livery yard, at Horncliffe Wood Farm Livery Stables.

(please click on the tab 'Livery Stables' at the top or bottom of my web page for more details of the Livery Yard's services). 

If you prefer I can travel to your preferred location.


To keep my life balance with work ethics, I live by the moral codes:

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Work hard in silence & let sucess make the noise.